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So You’re Wondering: Why Renter’s Insurance?

Protection! Protection! Protection!
You may have never thought about it, but the owner of the dwelling you live in, more likely than not has insurance on the “structure” (Meaning the building itself is covered in the event of a loss). However, your contents or personal belongings are not covered under the owner’s insurance policy. That being the case it’s important for you to have your own policy that will reimburse you for your personal property in the event of a loss. Just think how much it would cost you to replace your beautiful living room furniture, vintage bedroom set or your LCD TV you have perfectly mounted on the wall. With renters insurance, you’ll sleep peacefully at night knowing that if something unfortunate happened, such as theft, water damage or a fire, you would be covered.

The same concept applies if you live in and own a condo. Typically, your homeowner’s association has insurance that covers the structure of the building and not your personal contents inside your four walls. In this case, you will need to get a policy similar to homeowner’s insurance to protect your personal belongs.

If it’s inside your walls, it’s yours, and you need to protect it. In today’s world, we all tend to accumulate possessions, and the value of contents can add up very quickly. Making sure you have sufficient coverage can help you get back on track a whole lot easier than if you try to go it alone. You’ve worked too hard for what you have to lose it all in moment’s notice. Let us take the risk.

Townhome/Condo Unit Owners Insurance
A townhome or condominium combines the convenience of apartment living with the investment advantage of ownership. This form of ownership may create some unique insurance challenges. Townhome & Condo owners need special insurance to pick up where association coverage leaves off.

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As the owner of a small business, I have a lot of hats to wear. Because of my trust in State Insurance Agency, one I don’t have to wear is that of an "insurance expert". I rely on Jeff and the excellent support staff at State Insurance Agency...

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Not only did they save us over $2,000.00 a year from Allstate, with better coverage and lower deductibles, but The Agents all have a genuine interest in you the client, and what is best for you, while all the time keeping in mind any savings for you...

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